Sunday, May 4, 2014

First concept album out now "Coming Into The New"

Aloha everyone,

Here is a link to my first ever concept album titled "Coming Into The New". It is currently available as a free stream and name your price download on Bandcamp. As I believe music should be freely shared and experienced in this day and age of technology, donations (though not expected) do help support the continuation of a life style devoted to creative service. Here is a description of the album's concept and I hope you enjoy!

"Coming Into The New"

"Coming Into The New" conceptualizes a synthesis of the modern electronic world through the tonal projections of acoustic instrumentation. Chapin Mathews arranges a unique, tranquil atmosphere through electronic looping and pedal work driven by the acoustic guitar that will take the listener on an auditory journey ranging from meditative impressions to buoyantly rhythmic articulation.

Created at home in Boulder Colorado, all tracks were recorded live with the absence of any post overdubbing or layering. This process enabled an improvised, one of a kind track to be created in the moment. Open your heart and mind as you take a journey through the avant-garde sounds of "Coming Into The New".

Chapin Mathews

Monday, September 23, 2013

Live Painting at Arise Music Festival, NEW Paintings and Music, Richmond Virginia Painting Exhibition and Etsy Shop Opening

Arise Music Festival
Last month I had the pleasure to be involved as an artist at the first annual Arise Music Festival outside Loveland Colorado. Arise by far facilitated one of the best vibes I have experienced at a festival. As smiles and greetings came from complete strangers while walking onto the festival grounds, elation took over me. The entire weekend was like a dream of synchronicity, placing particular people and experiences in my life that felt didactically relevant and spiritually necessary. My perception set into observing the cyclical nature rigorously found in festival culture; Inspiring and being inspired, in no particular order. Artists in particular play this role rather directly within the festival culture.

Anyone who has spent numerous days in the flow of a music festival knows that the way you share your energy and emotions to others in the community directly influences the experience. That is one of the most powerful tools festival culture holds today. The ability to influence and inspire each other, particularly in the areas of personal/communal awareness and creativity. My inspiration to become involved with performance painting came years before while witnessing live painting for the first time by Kris D in 2005. The veils were opened and I was greatly affected that evening. And years later, I look back on the 60+ performances I have been involved with knowing that these experiences have led me to greater knowledge on my personal path as an artist. We all need a pool of passion to dive into in order to receive the lessons that will teach us to grow and progress.

You can see into the Arise experience a little further through my photo album on Facebook. Also, check out my newest work that was on display at Arise and a few promotional photographs that were captured over the weekend.

"Evolutionary Enlightenment" 2013
For Sale $820
2' x 2.5'
Sale Enquiries for the Original and Prints are Available
Upon Request at

"Spiritscape #1" 2013
For Sale $695
1.5' x 3'
Sale Enquiries for the Original and Prints are Available
Upon Request at

Promotional Photo From Arise Music Festival
by Black Creek Photography
A Sneak Peak at "Spiritscape #2"

Promotional Photo From Arise Music Festival 
by Black Creek Photography
A Sneak Peak at "Spiritscape #2"

My latest recording, "Misty Hills", is an auditory basis for my first album I will be recording this fall. The album will conceptualize a synthesis of the modern electronic world through the tonal projections of acoustic instrumentation. Arranging a tranquil atmosphere that will take the listener from meditative impressions to buoyantly rhythmic articulation. Check out "Misty Hills" and stay tuned for more announcements on my upcoming album.

Richmond Virginia Painting Exhibition
This winter, my application was accepted by the Virginia Commonwealth University Arts in Health Care Cultural Program for a painting exhibition which is on display from September 7th to October 28th. The location of the exhibition is 401 College Street, Richmond, Va 23298. This is the North Hospital of the VCU Medical Center where you can be directed to the Dalton Clinic. The art work is in the hallway once you enter the clinic. There is a visitors parking deck and street parking just a few blocks away from the building. If you are in Richmond during the next 6 weeks, swing by and check it out!

*Give Away*

The first five people to attend the VCU Exhibition, take a photograph of yourself or a group of friends in front of the work and share it on my Facebook page will get a free 11" x 17" print of your choice sent to your doorstop on me.

New Etsy Shop
To make shopping easier, I opened an Etsy Shop that currently has 23 original paintings available as 8" x 10" and 11" x 17" prints on 12 point glossy card stock paper. You can start shopping now at

Thanks for catching up on my latest creative meandering. Remember that you can always sign up for email updates by sending "Sign Me Up" to These updates include special announcements and links to the latest posts on this website. Till next time...

Chapin Mathews 

Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Update

 After enduring through the challenging yet progressive summer art tour of 2012, I spent the past winter months reorganizing myself as an artist. Coursing and tweaking through specific concepts and styles I came to create last year, I have been honing in on the ideas with my latest body of work. Spending less time performing in front of an audience and more time in the studio working on commissions and new ideas.

I still have had the pleasure of performing a few live gigs this year while I was living back in Richmond Virginia. On February 16th I started a collaborative piece with Miles Minnix during musical sets by Futexture and Silo Effect at the Canal Club in Richmond. On the 22nd, Miles and I continued our collaboration at the Canal Club during musical sets by All Good Funk Alliance and Fort Know Five. Here is the final piece we created!

"Storm" 2013
Collaboration with Miles Minnix

In many of the cities I have visited over the years, art walks have become a popular avenue to integrate art into the community, producing a creative and social environment. This is a great way to discover new artists and meet people in and out of the art world. In Richmond Virginia where I grew up, "First Fridays" art walk has been held every first Friday of the month since I can remember. All the galleries in town open up to the public for viewing the newest bodies of work on display. During the months of March and April I was asked to performance paint in front of the public during First Fridays at H3ads Up clothing store. Here is one of the pieces I produced on the evening of March 1st at Richmond Virginia's First Fridays.

"Land of the Strange and Lonely" 2' x 2.5'
For Sale $450
Sale Negotiations and Prints Available upon request at 

Throughout my winter reflection I also started to sketch with pen much more. I have started a photo album on Facebook that I will be constantly updating. Check out the album here.

Over the course of spring I received a number of commission requests and the opportunity to collaborate with a skateboard company. Here are the images of the new works from my springtime production.

Collaboration board with NS Longboards
My personal cruiser!
If you would like some original artwork to flare up your skateboard or any other belonging, shot me an email at

"Lovers Park"
16" x 30" 2013

"Nature Prevails"
2' x 4'  2013
Prints available upon request at

"A Visit By Elephas"
 2.5' x 3'  2013
Prints available upon request at

Thanks for catching up on my latest creative update. Just recently I moved back to Boulder Colorado and will be live painting at the first annual ARISE Music Festival in August outside Loveland. Check out the festival website and I look forward to meeting new friends out there. Also don't forget to like my Facebook Artist Page for a different way to stay connected to all my updates. Till next time, stay creative!
Chapin Mathews

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Live Painting Tour 2012: As The Summer Ends and Fall Begins

"There is no rest for the wicked."

To finish the summer off properly, I spent the last weekend of August live painting for the 4th year in a row at Camp Barefoot Music Festival 6 held in Bartow, Wv. With a rainy beginning, the weekend turned out to be extremely pleasant; Full of smiling faces and many talented musicians and artists from all over the country. Each artist had their own gallery set up along the path down vendors row. Thomas Robertson-Forrest and I began a long awaited collaboration incorporating a treehouse into a bonsai tree. Here are a few photos from over the weekend.

Fellow Live Artist Tom Reed and I doing what we do at 
Camp Barefoot Music Festival 2012

Gallery Set Up at Camp Barefoot 6

Check out my entire photo album from the weekend here!

Upon the transition from summer to fall, I have finished and publicly released two new paintings from this summers production. Below are "Rainbow Fish" and "Reflection"; Two pieces that I devoted immense creative energy and passion into. Quite excited about this work with plans to bring these two styles onto larger formats in the near future. Enjoy!

"Rainbow Fish"
Studio 2012
Original Sold   Dimensions: 2' x 2.5'
Prints Available Upon Request at

Studio 2012
For Sale Base Price: $500   Dimensions: 2' x 2.5' 
Prints Available
Inquire at

~A Personal Thank You~

I would like to personally thank all my family, friends and especially the Silo Effect crew for supporting my decision and actions to follow my dreams and share my artwork among the country this summer, traveling over 10,000 miles since May. Whenever there was any question as to rationalizing this journey, there was also a fellow companion there with advice and support. It is truly the community within all this that makes it feel right. Makes it feel home. And I thank all of you for helping me take steps forward on my creative path!

 Since the Camp Barefoot experience which put an end to my most diligent and successful summer touring yet, I have had a chance to paint a few shows in Virginia. August 29th was with DVS-Derek VanScoten and Zoogma at the Canal Club in Richmond, Va. September 12th brought Silo Effect and The Mantras together at the Canal Club again. And September 28th took me back to the Jewish Mother in Norfolk, Va for two solid sets of Silo Effect. Here are a few pictures from this fall!

My final layering on the "treehouse" collaboration. 
Now it awaits Thomas Robertson-Forest aka Goatfaced to detail and finish!

Body Painting at the Canal Club for Silo Effect and The Mantras 9.12.12 
In Order: Caroline Knapp, Samantha Buerkley and Morgan Miller

The lovely Morgan Miller and I after a good body paint session!

My new obsession with "puffins" has inspired my latest piece.
Painting at the Jewish Mother in Norfolk, Va 9.28.12

This month I had the pleasure to work with Galaxy Dynamite once again designing their new cd, "Moment of Impact". The cover includes a transformed image of my recently released painting "Reflection" and the back decorated delicately with my first ever drawing tablet work! "Moment of Impact" is to release at the Jewish Mother in Norfolk, Va this Friday including special guests Moogatu and The Manhattan Project . Check out the event page and support some great artists. A ticket purchase gets you a copy of the cd!

Galaxy Dynamite "Moment of Impact"
Artwork and Design by Chapin Mathews October 2012

To close out this update, here is where you can catch me during the next month!

October/November Schedule

10.25.12 Live Painting with Papadosio at The Jefferson Theatre in Charlottesville, Va
10.26.12 Live Painting with Papadosio at The Norva in Norfolk, Va
10.27.12 Live Painting with Orchard Lounge and Special Guests at the Canal club in Richmond, Va
10.30.12 Live Painting Official STS9 After Party with Silo Effect at The Camel in Richmond, Va
10.31.12 Live Painting with Former Champions and The Malah at the Canal Club in Richmond, Va
11.2.12 Live Painting with The Polychrons  and Congo Sanchez of Thievery Corporation at the Canal Club in Richmond, Va

Thanks for reading!

Chapin Mathews

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Live Painting Tour 2012: August Edition Part 1

"The way is in the heart."

Coursing through the summer mayhem, August perpetuated a creative exploration to close out the summer of 2012 properly. Before I set sail to Gnarnia The Festival, I spent a few days beachside in Virginia Beach working on a commission for my friend Dash who resides in the great music capita of Austin Texas. After many sandy afternoons, early sunny mornings and foggy evenings, this is "All Winds Point West".

"All Winds Point West" Painted in August 2012
Commission for Peter Dash

Process photographs of "All Winds Point West"

August 9th began my last leg of touring for the summer. That morning Thomas Robertson-Forest aka Goatfaced jumped aboard for our ride to the enchanting Beech Mountain in North Carolina for Gnarnia The Festival. With much mountain moisture in the air and a heavy rain that evening and sporadically over the whole weekend, painting was quite difficult. Though thanks to Jarred Trantham, we were able to be involved with the live art gallery which displayed over 30 artists from all over the country, facilitating a comfortable social environment for the Gnarnians' to enjoy a great variety of creativity.

Even though moisture held tight in the mountains, the cool weather was a great break from the usual humid summer conditions. During the day they had the ski lift opened for a beautiful ride to the top of the mountain which provided amazing view points of the Appalachian Mountains and the Tribal Council dome with many interactive and informative workshops everyday. Gnarly weather called for gnarly music and light shows. Android Jones displayed his visual projection performance called Phadroid on friday night which tantalized our eyes with graphics interweaving with a dancer. Even though live painting wasn't possible for most evenings due to drizzle and moisture, I still was able to start a new landscape painting and draw on a few bodies over the weekend!

Drawing on Morgan Miller

Body Art on Samantha Buerkley

If you were not able to make the festival and would like to get a better idea of the vibe and beautiful surroundings, you can check out my entire photo album from the weekend below!

The following weekend I was graciously invited to be a crew member with the Silo Effect and attend Rootwire Music and Arts Festival as a guest artist. This festival is put together by the most heart centered band in the scene, Papadosio. Their bright influences of positive community and integrated creativity and expression was seen clearly throughout the tranquil grounds of Kaeppners Woods. The artist gallery this year consisted of many nationally recognized visionary painters who held workshops and discussions on top of performance painting each day. Also there were incredible projected visuals and light shows provided by Jason Takahashi, Dustin Klein and Herm Productions.

As the sun set Thursday evening and night fell upon us, I set up and painted on a platform right next to the stage during Silo Effect. Being this entwined with the action brings a motivating correlation to my performance, enabling myself to focus on producing within this intended moment. Here are a few shots of me painting that were captured over the Rootwire weekend.

Painting during the Silo Effect alongside Goatfaced.
Photo by Gavin Meyer

Photo by B.Hockensmith

"Passion is Purpose"
Photo by Jon Ohia

Also feel free to check out my entire Rootwire photo album at the link below.

Thanks for checking out my latest update from this perplexed yet marvelous summer tour. Look out for Part 2 of the Live Painting Tour: August Edition to be published soon which will include the awaited final image of the "Rainbow Fish" painting from earlier this summer, the Camp Barefoot experience and reflective thoughts on this diligently active summer.

Chapin Mathews
9.9.12 ♥

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature..."
Henry Ward Beecher 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer 2012 Live Painting Tour Part 2: Process on New Painting and Body Art

"Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence."
Hal Boreland

Propelling through the beautiful landscapes of our country, the winds of creativity steer our path through the Arkansas mountains to find rest and grounding after a long two week live painting journey to Summer Camp and Wakarusa Music Festival. De Gray Lake outside of Little Rock, Ar became the resting peninsula we envisioned to recoup the imagination and unwind. 

Though living on the road can bring the greatest of unique freedoms, the lack of structure can also lead to difficult times and impatience. We all experienced an extreme reflecting point on ourselves and as a group those 10 days we spent between De Gray Lake and then travelling to Asheville, Nc before making our way to Impulse Music Festival. Still, nature provided it's healing principles as I floated daily on De Gray Lake catching sun rays and adventuring inside a waterfall outside Hendersonville, Nc.

The next stop was Impulse Music Festival in Union Point, Georgia. The location for the festival was quite unique. The grounds were used primarily as a dirt bike course so all through out the weekend there were riders performing stunts which added to the already stacked amount of entertainment. The Tribal Council dome was where I found myself the majority of the weekend as the atmosphere lent an ease to social interaction, stretching and meditation. This weekend was the beginning to a piece I had been sketching and planning out since our stay at De Gray Lake. Here is the "fishy" piece in progress at Impulse...

"Fishy" in progress at Impulse Music Festival.

Gallery Set Up

Based upon the distance to Colorado from Georgia and everyones individual needs within the group, our attendance to Sonic Bloom did not occur this year. Returning home early to Richmond, Va after being on the road for a nearly month felt quite comforting. I have missed Virginia over this past year and my now unknowing length of return has opened time to rekindle old connections, make new ones and find creative work.

Since attending Sonic Bloom was out of the question for the weekend, I stumbled upon a small festival in Surry,Va that a friend was involved with. Quickly being added to the list so I could perform, I set sail east to the Blueberry Jam before getting my feet in the ocean for the first time since September. I spent most of the evening painting on bodies instead of the canvas. Meeting some great new faces through the Norfolk, Va crew I met at Nomadic Roots last year, I painted on roughly 12 people over the course of 2-3 hours. It's was great to see so many people excited about the art and wanting to interact with it.

After a few nights on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, I made my way to Gore Virginia to perform at Nomadic Roots Festival this past weekend. A small 500 person gathering this year became the funnest festival experience of the summer thus far. Lots of the Richmond and Norfolk family were in attendance, creating a reunion of sorts in my perspective. All the live artists constructed a gallery within the main stage area which included Thomas Robertson-Forrest, Tom Reed, Rae Vena and myself. Even though we experienced storm weather that destroyed gallery structure, no artwork was harmed. Jumping onto the stage during the storm Friday night awaiting my great friends the Silo Effect to perform, we started a drum circle that filled in entertainment till the storm passed along and the music started back.

Over the weekend I slowly worked on the "fishy" piece that is currently still in progress and spent a great deal of time producing body art on friends and working on a cane. Here are a few photos from the weekend...

Body Art on Caitlin Gaines, Manager of Silo Effect

Customizing Mike Hayes' Cane

My biggest and most detailed piece of body art yet. 
Created on Liam Bryce  

Sweet Allison Terres' Body Art

Body Art on Samantha Gilbert

The newly married Caroline Miller Knapp and her Body Art.

I really appreciate all the love and support I received over the weekend. Nomadic Roots has become a major homebase festival for the summer, and I look forward to seeing it blossom even more next year when I return! The month of July is currently at ease right now, opening time for commission work and personal travels. Here is one show you can catch me at in July. I hope you will be available to join us this beautiful evening. We have some big creative plans in store so come support your local art and music.

July Shows:

Friday July 20th: Polycrons and Silo Effect at the Canal Club in Richmond, Va

As a last announcement, I have recently been added to The Festival of Gnarnia being held for the first year at Beech Mountain, Nc. If you have not heard of this amazing festival, check out the website and I look forward to seeing you all out there. Here is the remaining summer festival tour starting back up in August.

August Festival Tour:

August 9th-11th: The Festival of Gnarnia held on Beech Mountain, Nc

August 16th-19th: Rootwire Music Festival thrown by Papadosio in Logan, Oh

August 23rd-26th: Camp Barefoot Music Festival held in Bartow, Wv

Chapin Mathews
7.4.12 ♥

"Being loved deeply by someone, gives you strength. Loving someone deeply gives you courage."
Lao Zu

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Art: Evolution of Expression Tour 2012 Part 1

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain."

The adventure is the destiny. 
Live painting is a dream job! And at the same time it's a full time job without hourly pay. Yet, the benefits go beyond monetary gain at times. Traveling across the country and sharing my art work with numbers of diverse communities is any artists dream. The adventures that take place during time off and the work done behind the scenes to be able to perform and showcase at these events is where the magic happens. It's a great deal of work that is rewarded with great opportunity. 

This years summer tour is my second and most ambitious yet. Starting with Karma Music and Arts Festival held in Moorehead, Ky, our artist collective came together for the first time including Rae Vena, Thomas Robertson-Forrest and myself. The breeze was cool and the rain held off till the last evening to produce a successful experience in the beautiful Kentucky mountains. 

As I stated in the last publishing, I started a piece based upon a design interpretation and personal vision of the Sun. As we course through spring and into summer, we receive a rejuvenation of sunshine which produces natures blossoms and peaking hormonal levels in humans and animals. After working on "Son of Sun" during all of Karma and into SummerCamp, here is the final product.

"Son of Sun"
Prints Available for $10 plus Shipping
Inquire at

 Thomas Robertson-Forrest and I live painting at Karma Music and Arts Festival.

This year was my first Summer Camp Music Festival experience. Live painting is an untapped expression at this event which made our gallery set up and performing even more purposeful. The community was very receptive to the work and it felt accomplishing to spread live painting further into the music scene. "Son of Sun" was finished and "Vision Paradise" was started during the busy weekend. I would like to thank the "Soulshine" tent for giving us the opportunity to set up our work and enjoy the number of entertaining shows and events they held all weekend.

Our live art gallery in the Soulshine Tent at Summer Camp Music Festival including Rae Vena and Thomas Robertson-Forrest.

Painting "Son of Sun" at SummerCamp Music Festival

This year at Wakarusa, I was involved with the live artist gallery directed by Michael Garfield which included 15 talented artists from all over the country. A gallery with such a creative community conspired a busy social hub, enabling the audience to meet the artists, view the work and share perspectives. Using a rack, my gallery set up stuck out one of the entrances to entice everyone to come over and investigate.

 Gallery set up at Wakarusa Music Festival.

Painting during Papadosio at Wakarusa Music Festival

By the end of Wakarusa, I finished "Vision Paradise" which expresses a dream of personal nirvana. Whether it be a "place" or "space in your mind", we all can relate with meditating on somewhere or something that comforts us. The ocean is a personal and centering place for myself. Since early childhood, I have held a close connection with the ocean and what it has to teach us. Beyond it's beauty and illusion of infinity, the sound teaches the voice of nature and the motion shows the power and movement of a wave. "Vision Paradise" expresses these bits of perspectives into a landscape that flows in balance and movement, exploiting natures simple pleasures.

"Vision Paradise"
For Sale: Base Price $400
Prints Available for $10 plus Shipping
Inquire at

Process Photos of "Vision Paradise"

Thanks for taking your time to catch up on my assiduous schedule during tour and peak into all the work I have been doing thus far. Thanks for all the support during this journey and I look forward to having many more beautiful and creative experiences during these next few events.

 I will be performing at these festivals during the next three weeks:

June 15th-17th: Impluse Music and Arts Festival held on Durhamtown Plantation Resort in Union Point, Georgia.

June 21st-24th: Sonic Bloom Festival held on Shadows Ranch in Georgetown, Co

June 28th-30th: Nomadic Roots Festival at The Cove Campground in Gore, Virginia

Stay posted for the next publishing on these events in early July...

Chapin Mathews
6.14.12 ♥

"The finest qualities of nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved only by the most delicate handling. Yet we do not treat ourselves nor one another thus tenderly."